Foreign Institutions

# Institution Country Commencement date Expiry Date Collaborations
1 The University of Law of Ho chi minh city Area of Specialty: One of the famous Universities in the south of Vietnam, International Law, among others.
More info :
Vietnam 15 December 2009 Until either party revokes - Establish a joint research work in trade and investment.
- Establish a center of Vietnam Studies at CMU and a center of Thailand Studies at HCML - Special lecture on trade and investment
- Academic Outings (Funded by Government through International College, CMU )
2 Law School, La Trobe University Area of Specialty: International Business Law, Tourism Law, etc.,
More info:
Australia 20 January 2012 20 January 2017 - Exchange and cooperation in all appropriate and agreed academic areas of research and teaching
- Visiting Student Programme "CMU-La Trobe Student Scholarship".
- Staff exchange
3 Faculty of health and social studies University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic Area of Specialty: Health care Law, Human Right Law, etc.,
More info:
Czech 21 November 2012 21 November 2017 - Exchange of faculties, staffs, managers, clerks and students
   • Students from University of South Bohemia are sent for a placement in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
   • • Faculty of Law arranges a round table talk regarding the placement

- Exchange of publications and information
- Coordination of relevant research projects
- Exchange of pertinent know-hows and technologies
4 Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology Area of Specialty: Intellectual Property Law, International Trade Law, IT Law, Business Law, etc.,
More info:
USA 17 January 2013 17 January 2018 - Exchange of publications and information
- Student and Staff exchange
- "A Legal Certificate Programme at Faculty of Law, Chiang Mai University"
5 CEVRO Institute (School of Political Studies) Area of Specialty: Public Administration, Law and Economics, etc.,
More info:
Czech 2 February 2013 2 February 2018 - Exchange of publications and information, Student and Staff
- International Courses (for the purpose of transferring credits home) (already informed the director of LL.M Programme for consideration)

Domestic Institutions

# Institution Commencement date Expiry Date Collaborations
1 Office of Business Competition, Department of Internal Trade
More info :
12 March 2011 12 March 2016 Faculty of Law, CMU
  1. Recruit participants for the Activities
  2. Provide academic services in the North
  3. Create a course/program on Business Competition for entrepreneur
  4. Carry a joint research
- Office of Business Competition, Department of Internal Trade
  1. Provide information relating to Competition Law
  2. Accept at least 10 Law Students to do a Legal Internship
  3. Provide assistance for a conference on competition Law
2 Ministry of Justice
More info:
21 September 2012 21 September 2016 - Support and facilitate the participation of the activities.
- Establish a training program for the staffs of the ministry of Justice (class 1st February – March 2013)
3 Maehongson Provincial Administration Organization
More info:
27 November 2012 27 November 2014 Support a process of drafting an act of natural resource and environmental management of the sub-district administration organization

     Red means the works have been done, and will be continued
     Blue means a work is on process

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