One of the major purposes of the ASEAN Communities (AC), which will be established in 2015, is to develop the ASEAN integration to the point where it is able to compete with other regional integration and the rest of the world. In order to achieve such purpose, human resources within the AC need to be developed and strengthened. The Faculty of Law realized this fact and therefore integrated the contents of the AC into the law subjects listed in the curriculum. This is based upon the fact that the AC covers all aspects of life; security and political, economic, social and culture aspects and therefore touches upon the contents of all domestic law. Also, the Faculty of Law establishes sustainable projects to develop the law students’ English skills and to broaden their horizon in regional and international affairs. The projects that are put in place are as follows.

Unit for EU-ASEAN Law Studies (EALS) The unit provides two major parts, first, knowledge of International Law, European Union Law and ASEAN law. This section is open for all students. Second, the student members of EALS are provided with consecutive English skills for lawyer courses.
English Skill Training for Lawyer (30 Hour-Course) The programme provides the law students in each year an opportunity to study English designed specifically for lawyers. The students may take the course every other semester.
Scholarship for English Conversation – Matching Fund The programme is based upon the realization that the study of English as a foreign language begins with speaking skills. The law students who have average point 2.75 are qualified to obtain a fifty percent scholarship to take Conversation course at CMU Language Institute.
CMU-La Trobe Visiting Student Scholarship – partial scholarship The scholarship provides the students with the opportunity to study English and law in various countries where the Faculty of Law has established academic collaboration. The law students who completed their third year are eligible to enter into this scholarship competition. Two scholarships are awarded per academic year. The students will be given a 6 week-scholarship to La Trobe University, Australia, among others. The students will attend one subject and is required to write an academic article in English when he or she returns to Thailand.

Moving Towards the ASEAN Community and Beyond,

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