Message from the Deans

Chicago-Kent is delighted to partner with Chiang Mai University to bring this innovative program to law students in the ASEAN region, providing them with unique opportunities to gain exposure to common law and international legal concepts and to help prepare them for law practice in an increasingly globalized environment.

Harold J. Krent
Chicago-Kent College of Law




“The Faculty of Law, Chiang Mai University, is determined to provide excellent legal education for students in the rising ASEAN Community. Based upon that determination, the Faculty of Law, CMU, sought the collaboration with Chicago-Kent College of Law, and that the Program was created. I congratulate every student on choosing the Program for his or her higher legal education – the decision is rightly placed. I trust that the students shall gain tremendous benefits from the Program.”

Assistant Professor Chatree Rueangdetnarong
Faculty of Law, CMU



This exciting new Chicago-Kent / Chiang Mai University joint program, which starts with a semester in Chiang Mai and culminates in a semester in Chicago to earn the Chicago-Kent LL.M. degree, is uniquely structured to provide maximum benefits to students: significant time and costs savings, the highest quality legal education in topical areas essential for lawyers of the future, and the chance to make professional connections in Thailand and in the U.S.

Edward C. Harris
Assistant Dean
Chicago-Kent College of Law



“In collaboration between the Faculty of Law, CMU, and Chicago-Kent College of Law, the Program was carefully constructed and tailored to suit the needs of the students of the ASEAN Community and Asia-at-large, and to equip these students with an excellent legal knowledge necessary for their future careers. I am confident the students will gain many advantages from this Program which will enable them to meet the challenges and demands of the 21st Century.”

Kanya Hirunwattanapong
Assistant Dean for Foreign Affairs
Faculty of Law, CMU