The LL.M. Program of the Two Great Cities

The LL.M. Program of the Two Great Cities – Chiang Mai & Chicago

Chiang Mai (New Town)

The name is misleading. Chiang Mai, the largest city in the North, is in fact much older than Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Chiang Mai was established by King Mengrai in 1292 (1558-1774 under Burmese rule) and was the capital of the Kingdom of Lanna – an independent princedom to Bangkok. Chiang Mai possesses unique cultural characteristics and truly magnificent natural beauty which makes Chiang Mai a center of learning, art and the ancient tradition of Lanna, among others. Due to her importance, Chiang Mai University was established as the first and largest government university outside Bangkok. The 21st Century has seen Chiang Mai as an important gate way connecting the countries of ASEAN Community to the world.

Combining the world-class city of Chicago with a world-class educational opportunity at CMU and Chicago-Kent will undoubtedly better prepare the global lawyers of the 21st Century








Chicago is the third largest city in the USA one of the key business and financial centers in the U.S. and the world. The city has a long history and is rich in cultural and educational institutions. Chicago’s universities are premiere institutions engaged in cutting edge education techniques and research, and Chicago-Kent College of Law is well-positioned among these leading universities in Chicago. The city also boasts some of the best museums, restaurants, and night life and other cultural amenities in the country. On the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan, the wonderful sandy beaches are a highlight for tourists and natives alike.