Legal Certificate Program

The importance and specialty of the Legal Certificate Program for the students of ASEAN Community and Asia at large:


The Legal Certificate Program is designed with a view to bringing gradually, cordially, but effectively, the law students into American and international legal studies before they embark upon American legal studies at Chicago-Kent.  Each course takes 2 and a half weeks (or maximum 3 weeks) in duration.


The gaps between courses will be kept to minimum. An English language practice sessions will be available for students during the gaps to help ensure student’s English proficiency, and to prepare for the next course.  The students who did not meet 2.7 GPA are allowed to repeat the Legal Certificate Program. The students who earn grades B or higher in the 2 compulsory courses need only repeat the 2 other courses.  The students can maintain the option to go to Chicago-Kent within 2 years after the year of completion of the Legal Certificate Program.