Teaching Hours at CMU

The Dates of the 4 Course Option:

1. Introduction to the American Legal System

December 2015 (3 hours / day)

2. Introduction to Legal Research and Writing

January 2016 (3 hours / day)

3. Business Organizations & International Business Transactions

February 2016 (3 hours / day)

4. Overview of Intellectual Property Law

March 2016 (3 hours / day)


The Dates of the 2 Course Option:

1. Common Law Method

December 2015 (3 hours / day)

2. Legal English Skills for Lawyers

January 2016 (3 hours / day)

*The detailed schedule will be announced later.


“We begin the first course of the program in December 2015 and the remaining courses will run through until March 2016. The major reason is that we wish the students to take part in the orientation at Chicago-Kent College of Law in the Fall Semester 2016 (August – December). The students will receive the best preparation and information to achieve the best result while they are at CK. Most important, it will be the perfect time for the students to make friends, establish connections and network with the students from other LL.M. programs. Besides the best legal education CK is providing, the connection and network among the peers is equally important for the students for their future careers. The meeting during the orientation will provide such opportunity. And we want the students to have it.”