Application Form : The Legal Certificate Program at the Faculty of Law, CMU

Download file as PDF.

1. Name
(Clearly print your name exactly as it appears in your passport)
2. Nationality
3. Sex
4. Date of Birth / / (dd/mm/yyyy)
5. Address and Contact Details Current postal address
Telephone Number
6. Education

        Name of University
7. Options
8. English proficiency test score within the last six months – 1 year
9. Accommodation Yes (5,000 – 6,000 THB/Month) More detail
10. Statement of purpose

Note:  Please scan and upload the following documents as applicable:

*.JPG or *.PDF only

- Color photo
- 1st page of passport
- Proof of being in the last year as an undergrad of the Law degree
- LL.B degree  
- License to practices Law  
* Please check your information before submit the application.